Our Story

A place with a history worth sharing!

The adventure started when brothers Jake and Flynn Woller of New Berlin bought the former KJ’s Bar and Grill on Meeker Hill. Not long after, they learned that the building actually was a tavern (and producer of handcrafted cigars) since back in the early 1900’s.

The local nicknames for the area included Bixen Bank and Bixenberg. Bixenberg most likely stems from the German words “bischen” and “berg” which translates to “smaller hill.” This makes the most sense since the area is now called Meeker Hill. Others believe Bixenberg was German slang for “hill of the spirited woman.” Jake and Flynn thought the nickname and its meanings were interesting, to say the least. Wanting to pay homage to the local history as well as their own German heritage, they kept the name. Hence, the Bixenberg Tavern was born!

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